Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Minotaurs and horny things

Tonight's blog is about Minotaurs and you guessed it, dolls!... I'm slightly predictable,sorry about that... anyways here we go...
Whats a Minotaur?   SO glad you asked ! A Minotaur is from Greek mythology and it is a creature that is half Bull and half Man... usually the head is the bull part. (click on pics to enlarge)
But.. I'm going to make this into a girl.. .. here's my take on it
and here is the 'utterly ' ridiculous part... I had several friends whom knew I was creating this
suggest to me that a female would be a Cow,well that is true.
They also suggested that 'she' might have .. umm Utters...... or several pairs of breasts...
right about now you figured out that these friends are probably male...
Moving on I said "NAY!".. smh
So I picked Clawdeen Wolf (Monster High Doll) Nice bronzy skin-tone and a great nose to work with.
so there's a few things to keep in mind for this
  • Hooves /hind knees
  • bovine nose/features
  • horns
everything else can be your own
I started by creating the back calf.I wanted to keep the leg intact
so a lot of sculpting was to be done. I used a hardening epoxy for the base to make it really strong.
This stuff was designed for fixing tile and is a bit tricky to use because of wearing a mask/gloves and you only have 5 mins molding time.. WHoot! (cue the tremendous amounts of pics)
start of the leg re-sculpt
wrapping and sculpting polymer    
Over most of the leg wrapped and sculpted polymer on to the leg with a glue base.. I then brushed liquid Sculpty  on top... it looks bad at first but it works out I promise ...
it looks bad,but it hasn't been cooked yet
Really important!! I knew there was no way with all this clay I was going to get around baking the entire doll and I didn't  like that ,it seems with the original dolls Frankie ,Draculaura etc...they don't do very well with excessive baking... but somehow the Add-ons parts from the (create a monster labs) can really Take a POUNDING!... maybe someone should say something about that.. but really what are you going to say " Hey Mattel I'm mad I can't cook your dolls like a turkey!!".. meh, nevermind..
polymer neckpiece

WHile that was all baking I started working on costume pieces.
for some strange reason I wanted the colors to be red with gold accents.
Gold fabric with hand cut shapes

when the legs were cooled from baking I first painted them brown and then I used Tacky glueand applied fur in layers

                                                               added tribal style markings

Horns, after I shaped the wire,I did a few coats of hardening acrylic to make them strong( lord knows these things might bump around in transit) then I laid and smoothed a layer of polymer clay over the top.

I wanted to reshape the nose a bit to give her more of a bovine look,I added the nose ring first ,I was afraid messing with the ring after I sculpted would possibly crack the acrylic. I brushed on some acrylic a little scratchy so it would look a bit like fur

still looking too cat like
she started to look like a cat so I had to really look at some cows to get an idea of what... well you know makes them look like COWS!
Getting there
I changed the contour of her face using pastel/chalks and a dry paint brush.
Cows always have fabulous lashes these are embedded and crazy glued.
DONE, with a final coat of MSC before glossing the eyes
ANd Finish!

And there she is all finished!
Sorry a few details were left out  but I hope you enjoyed this very Mooo-y Blog.
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THank you for reading! and Have a very Moooo-y evening!! :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lenore and the Raven

Tonight will be more of a speedy blog...
Fall is upon us,and Halloween is my favorite, favoritty ,fave holiday.
When I think of Halloween one of the things I think of or people rather is Edgar Allan Poe.
I thought how could I make Lenore into a doll with a Tim Burton spin on it ....hmmm..
Trying on the wig
If you've never read it ,here is the poem.. LENORE by Edgar Allan Poe

  I started out with a Draculaura (click on pics to enlarge)

Adding the shading
I love Tim Burton and find a lot of his works reminds me of my own earlier sketches.. which is so Cool!
Shaping the eyes
Drawing the irises 
I went for dark green and gloomy
Details and lashes
Her dolly I wanted a look of horror, (House of Usher)
I started with a polymer ball and added a wire loop
starting to have the look of horror

I keep already baked tiny polymer balls for eyes
with eyes added and start of sculpt
AT this point I don't know what happened but I had to scrap it and start again ,this is the final sculpt
Final sculpt with wire and body getting added
I blush and darkened the eye sockets prior to baking... stays forever that way!
Almost there,beginning of paint
I also made the dress and I always always always forget to write it down but I did a little sketch just to show where some of the basic stitching went
THe Raven,... and I forgot to take pics...again.. but basically I started much like the dolly with a polymer ball......and I did a little sketch...wanna see it? here yah go!
wiring for the Raven

Now all of this together .. with some final touches.. and she had to have a little Poe book too
queenliest dead that ever died so young 

Nevermore Lenore...never more
Thank you for reading :)
Have a good Night!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cyclopes and Hairy fingers PART 2

 And to the Cyclops...     (Click on the pics for a larger view)
Last blog I showed face repaint /sculpt and hair
Tonight costuming and tats and weapons
Cyclopes were never really known for having the most shiny pristine armor or clothing.I wanted to go with a home-made looking armor 
For her costuming I struggled with the colors for this because I loved her hair color so much I didn't want to take away from that.So I went with a Sky blue and cream theme.
I started by making the armor out of polymer. I keep an extra body around..( oh that was funny to type)
to size clothes and bake the armor on.
With that tiny torso and wide hips ,Monster Highs are a little tricky to clothe.
I wrapped white polymer around ( not all the way) and cut tiny pieces of tan polymer to create stitching.
To seal on the stitching I used Liquid Sculpty .. and bake.I do a few bakes at a lower temp to not lose the original color..Sculpty will darken if baked too long or hot.. Hate THAT!
Skirt and sleeve of a linen type Sky Blue material
One day I'll actually write down the pattern for some of the clothes I make ,I either eyeball it or wrap fabric around the doll to size
costume almost finished with a tiny hole in the naval for her belly button ring.
I thought about being a Cyclopes and thought 'If I came from a tribe or race of being with only one eye, They would be Obsessed with eyes!... Kinda how I obsess about cheesecake and fitting rooms with good lighting.......meh.". for the shield I found a great medallion at the craft store,attached a handle and painted the center  stone and eye.
 Cyclopes were builders and Blacksmiths, she needed a hammer!
Box made of Popsicle sticks with bracing on the inside
Sanded down smooth with handle added 

Base painting and furry grip and elastic loop sewed on

Painted silver with tribal added on all sides
I couldn't believe how STRONG this hammer was when I was done I was tempted to run around and hit bugs with it!
Hand painted tribal all around the mohawk
and the Finish ,when I was done she had a little bit of Rock Star going on, Aww yeah!  :)

Thank you for reading this far .. and Good Night!